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IKEA, Nobel & ABBA

IKEA, Nobel Prize, ABBA, sauna and the welfare state. Lot of forests and lakes. Cold and dark. Loose sex and expensive alcohol. The word "Sweden" brings a number of different thoughts and stereotypes, yet in Poland we still know a little about this country. However lately it is changing for different reasons. Between them growing popularity of Swedish crime stories - first by Henning Mankell, than Stieg Larsson, Camilla  Läckberg, Liza Marklund followed by others.

A group of anglers from Świecie had a chance to visit Sweden recently. Thanks to courtesy of Swedish host, Project Babel grows with another two books:Din stund på jorden” (Your Moment On Earth) – a novel by Vilhelm Moberg and „Stockholmaren” – Swedish writer Ivar Lo-Johoansson autobiography. Tack så mycket!

Add a brick

Our library, although being small, is trying to be more open to the world. For our users we've got free Internet access, we organize computer classes, allowing a growing group of citizens of our city to enjoy the world without borders. We teach English, "FunEnglish in the library" - a free course for children, which combines language learning with having fun. Another idea is slowly maturing. Masterpieces of world classics and recent bestsellers translated into Polish are waiting on the library shelves for readers. We are also getting richer set of literature in English.

Now we want to invite the world to us, and to accomplish our new idea - The "BABEL". Together - with everyone willing in the world - we want to create    an international collection of books in all languages. A recent decision to build a new library in Świecie is a perfect moment to start The "BABEL” Project . Each of you has the opportunity to add your brick-book. Local author's book would be perfect, but we would appreciate any! The first volume of the Library of Babel has come to us from Venice - "Il Mercante di Venezia" by Riccardo Calimani. We hope that it won't be waiting for companions too long!


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