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IKEA, Nobel & ABBA

IKEA, Nobel Prize, ABBA, sauna and the welfare state. Lot of forests and lakes. Cold and dark. Loose sex and expensive alcohol. The word "Sweden" brings a number of different thoughts and stereotypes, yet in Poland we still know a little about this country. However lately it is changing for different reasons. Between them growing popularity of Swedish crime stories - first by Henning Mankell, than Stieg Larsson, Camilla  Läckberg, Liza Marklund followed by others.

A group of anglers from Świecie had a chance to visit Sweden recently. Thanks to courtesy of Swedish host, Project Babel grows with another two books:Din stund på jorden” (Your Moment On Earth) – a novel by Vilhelm Moberg and „Stockholmaren” – Swedish writer Ivar Lo-Johoansson autobiography. Tack så mycket!